With the proliferation of disruption within industries, new media and distribution channel, it is a daunting task for Consumer Insights professional to be able to understand consumers in a timely and accurate manner.

What are people feeling about your product and brand as compared to your competitors?

What are the key factors that affect purchase decisions?

What is the consumption trend for this product category?

What is the satisfaction score of your product? Where are the gaps that can be fulfilled?

These are just some of the questions we can answer in our digital ethnography market research.

Industry Specific Consumer Insights:

▪ Uncover important purchasing factors

▪ Identify key influences and influencing channel

▪ Know your customers’ demographics, behavior, aspiration and other traits

Strategy Building:

▪ Uncover important purchasing factors

▪ Gather insights to define marketing mix strategy

▪ Understand current & emerging consumer trend

Insights on Research & Development:

▪ Gain knowledge on how consumers use your products

▪ Develop and improve the products in accordance to users’ feedback

▪ Differentiate between product claims and how consumer perceives the product- what benefit they really care about vs what the brand is about

Competitive Intelligence & Segment Analysis:

▪ Know how you stand against key competitors

▪ Identify gaps and dominant areas you and your competitors have

▪ Understand brand(s) that are closely aligned with yours and may result in potential churn

Brand & Product Positioning:

▪ Understand if your brand/product positioning is in-line with customers’ impression

▪ Identify content angle that will better engage your audience