Implementing technological processes in the finance services industry has evolved from digitalisation to the application of artificial intelligence. 6Estates creates solutions with in-house AI technology, to assist financial institutions to utilise non-traditional data sources, thus empowering smarter decisions.

Financial Decision Process in the Future

Financial institutions today rarely use online, unstructured data as such data is hard to acquire, retain, represent and compute. Most financial decisions are made through internal data and from expert’s knowledge.
6Estates, as a technology provider, introduces new forms of data sources to enrich market understanding and monitor market movements.

Our solutions can be seamlessly implemented into an existing technological infrastructure of the organisation.

• Financial Report Parsing & Analysis
• Financial Knowledge Graph
Enterprise Solutions
Customised to the needs of an individual organisation.

• AI and Big Data Framework
• Bond Management & Risk Evaluation
• Multi-sources Learning for Asset Ranking
• User Profiling & Recommendation