Microservices provide flexibility and nimbleness to rapidly adapt and respond to customers’ requirements. Save effort and time, and increase overall productivity.

Financial Report Parsing & Analysis

Analysing large amount of documents in different formats to extract key information can be tedious.

Using natural language processing technology, financial reports can be automatically processed on a large scale.

• Link data to support other dashboard and analysis
• Adding more insights to drive smarter decisions for investment
• Get key information in a standardised and structured format

Financial Knowledge Graph

Discover obscure relationships that is otherwise difficult to uncover. Gain a holistic, comprehensive view of the businesses in the landscape that can be easily tapped into.

• Add business application modules on top of the knowledge to enable risk monitoring, investment evaluation or due diligence process
• With 6Estates Knowledge Graph, companies can now have a holistic business landscape knowledge that is easily retainable and transferrable