On 2 Dec 2018, 6Estates held our very first CS Seminar at BLOCK71 Singapore. The event was a success, and we were overwhelmed by the turnout. CS Seminar is an initiative by 6Estates to facilitate the sharing of technical knowledge by academics and industry experts, to promote AI & Computer Science community in Singapore.

We invited Professor Tang Jie as our guest speaker. He is a tenured associate professor, and the vice chair of the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. He is also currently the technical advisor of 6Estates. His interests include social network analysis, data mining, and machine learning, and has published over 200 papers and holds 20 patents.

In this seminar, Prof. Tang Jie reviewed the recent development of Artificial Intelligence including theories, algorithms and application in the data mining community. He also covered several interesting research on representation learning for big networks, both the theoretical analysis and applications of network graph embedding.

Watch it here: